Who We Are?

Our Mission

We hope to bring to you every possible assistence with your music making

We are a small group of individual artists and artisans working together in central Berlin to bring the highest quality service to our clients, whether technical service for concerts and recordings, such as tunings, or full-blown restorations of historical instruments and their modern counterparts. 

We offer tuning, replacement historical jacks, quilling, restringing,  repair work and servicing in addition to consultations in person or by email and telephone. Additionally, we offer an installation service for the jacks we provide. We are also happy to quill and voice these jacks for you. We also provide technical support in quilling, stringing and historical practices to the trade. Our atelier is made up of a small number of colleagues each with very specific skills, working closely together. Things we are not able to create on site such as exceptional parchment rosettes, we outsource to the best in the industry. Our rosette builder is in Paris and on the cutting edge of his industry. 

Extraordinarily Experienced


Dominic Eckersley

Instrument restorer

Trained as a harpsichord voicer and technician at Oxford Musical Instruments Ltd, formally Fergueson Hoey Ltd, with extensive experience working for the BBC in London as a tuner and technician for location radio and television recordings, and with 35 years experience as a professional performing harpsichordist and technician, trained at three colleges of musical higher education on both sides of the Atlantic, Dominic Eckersley is now at the cutting edge of the international technical support community.

Our Core Values

To provide both the professional concert musician and the music lover the highest possible standard of musical experience by ensuring the best possible performance of their instruments 

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism

Some of our clients over the years

BBC Broadcasting House, Aldwich, London

BBC radio broadcasts

Open University

The English Bach Festival, London

Midsummer Opera, London

Aaron Copland School of Music City University of New York, New York

Mannes College, New York

Third Street Music Settlement School, New York

City University of New York Graduate Center, New York

Universität der Künste Berlin: Requilling 1993 "Taskin" by John Bavington

Universität der Künste Berlin: Regulating 1976 "Dulcken" by Schütze

Universität der Künste Berlin: Servicing of "Ruckers" by Michael Johnson

Universität der Künste Berlin: Servicing of "Taskin" by Keith Hill

Universität der Künste Berlin: Restoration of Sperrhacker harpsichord and conversion from leather to celcon

Early Music Society of Berlin e.V., International Bach Chamber Music Competition

Vokalakademie Berlin: Tuning harpsichord and chamber organ

Professional harpsichordist: Consultation and instruction on use of crow quill, Berlin

Student harpsichordist: Consultation and professional opinion, Berlin

Professional harpsichordist: Consultation and opinion regarding organ, Berlin

Professional harpsichord builder: Regulating and requilling various harpsichords, Berlin

Private collection: Restoration of action of Broderip/Culliford 1786 harpsichord

Private collection: Restoration of jacks and quilling, and repairs to case of Hitchcock 1725 spinet

Universität der Künste as harpsichord techician


Jetxu Ule-Delgado

Instrument decorator

Born, raised and educated in Madrid, Jetxu Ule-Delgado brings excellence and elan to the decoration of instruments, inside and out. His work in Madrid in furniture restoration and redesign, coupled with his work as a zoological and botanical painter, in addition to his vast experience with historical painting techniques and restoration, make him one of the top historical instrument painters and restorers. He is able to work from drawings or photos of original instruments in addition to creating original work in ancient styles and in modern styles to suit the clients’ tastes or homes.