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Recent Projects

Longman and Broderip

A recent overhaul of this beautiful 1785 English harpsichord

Thomas Hitchcock

Restoration of a 1725 English spinet

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Whether you are needing a full overhaul, a new set of jacks and registers, a simple tuning, or anything between, we are here to assist in each and every way. We can even redecorate your instrument completely… soundboard, lid and case!

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Atelier Eckersley specialises in bringing the very best musical and aesthetic potential to your instrument. A professional performing harpsichordist, Dominic Eckersley thrives on keeping instruments at the top mechanical and musical levels to ensure that the very highest professional concert and recording conditions are met and that the performer has the very best experience in playing their instrument. 

With art work by Jetxu Ule-Delgado, a highly experienced and talented artist and furniture decorator, your instrument, whether new or old, can become the dream item you hoped for. He is able to work from original designs or in the styles of various periods with original work, or in modern and contemporary styles to suit your instrument, your ideas and your homes.